"Speak out so the world will listen."


What is the worlds biggest fear? Stats have proven that getting up and publically speaking in front of others is often people's biggest fear. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could practice public speaking using a piece of software that simulates a realistic public environment? With the advent of Virtual reality we have been given a unique opportunity to allow people to face this fear.

Working with a team team at UNIT9 we crafted an immersive virtual reality experience for people to practise public speaking and develop their presentation skillsets. Our goal was to create a unique self-help piece of software that would compete within the world of self help packages that are dedicated to public speaking.

‘Speak Out’ was created to be a digital VR experience that utilises a user's smartphone device. The application would have the ability to help mentor the user through various tasks, and daily goals, as well as an immersive practice space to test speeches. Speak Out also has the potential to record data and track your progress as the user's confidence grows.

Visually while creating the brand I was inspired by the clean and formulated design formula of ‘Google Material Design’. I wanted the brand to be clean, bold and vibrant.