"Locate miss Moneypenny."

UNIT9 was invited to create an exciting digital campaign with Sony for the upcoming release of their new a7ii camera and the new 007 James Bond feature film ‘Spectre’.

Sony already have a TVC that showcases a brief story about Miss Moneypenny being chased through the city of London by a group of suspects with her Sony a7ii camera as the primary focus.

The concept for the campaign was to continue the story in a mobile first digital setting. The main focus of the idea was to have the user become an operative of MI5 and their mission is to find MoneyPenny and track down the suspects before they find her.

The gameplay is very simple- you are given an overview of London. It is a guess the location game, with geo tagging. You choose an area of london where you think the fugitive might be located in. Irrespective of if you are right or wrong you are sent to a zone where you move through the levels of google maps. The user progresses and then eventually transitions through into a google street view of the city using the excelamoeter on your phone.