"Less is more."

I wanted to simplify the car builder right down to its raw ingredients and enable the user to build a car to as much or as little detail as they wanted. There are no steps, and there is no start or end. Lexus cars are beautiful, premium objects of desire. The design and overall aesthetic qualities of these vehicles are simply outstanding, and we felt that this needed to be portrayed within the car builder.

Selling the product is the fundamental goal of any car configurator, and our car builder truly sells the beautiful aspirational product that is the Lexus. For this reason alone we proposed to use high quality, high res, full screen beautiful imagery of the car.

For this car build we wanted to simplify as much as we possibly could. The key to good usability and user interaction is to make something as simple as possible. If a user can understand use something quickly with ease, they are more likely to repeatedly interact with it. If a user is faced with too much information on the screen at one time, the user can easily become confused and the entire experience becomes redundant. For this concept we wanted to remove all 1 - 5 numbered 'steps' found in more traditional 'older' car configurations. Instead we replaced these steps with very open choices….

grades / packs / exterior / interior / accessories

Because there are no steps there is no concrete start and end point to this car builder. Therefore, a very clear, obvious 'summary screen is needed. This can be accessed at any point throughout the car builder journey. Within the Summary screen the user is able to do a variety of things. Whether the user just wants to recap on the choices you have made, or whether the user wants ti save their configuration for another time, it all can be done from within the summary.

And most importantly, the summary screen allows the user to forward their configuration onto a local Lexus dealer, no matter what percentage of completion their configured car is.